Jul 11, 2018

JfL Brimless hat (Hipster Kufi #3) felt

A trendy cool hat, modern adaptation of a traditional middle eastern hat, it comes in 6 colors. Unisex hat, with materials enabled, the fat pack has a hud for the texture change (6 felt colors) 4 colors for the metal clip, and a resizer on axis (stretch)

50% OFF for a limited time (until July 22 2018), inworld and on the Marketplace. Try a demo!



May 26, 2018

May 12, 2018

New Gacha at the store

New gacha machine at the store. 8 hats, some new ones, some old favorites, all special editions.


Apr 29, 2018

Brimless hat (Hipster Kufi #1)

The new Brimless hat (Hipster Kufi #1) is now in store. It comes in 6 colors, and is a unisex item. Materials enabled, resized by script.


Mar 31, 2018

Mar 3, 2018

Oct 9, 2017

The new Boater hat V.2

The Boater hat V.2 is a classic. It comes in 6 colors. It is a unisex item, and is materials enabled.



May 6, 2017

Traveler's hat (Venezia V.3)

The third of 3 hats released exclusively at 6 Republic. They can be found there between May 6-20, at 33% off regular price. In store after the event.

6 Republic event

Traveler's Fedora (Venezia V.2)

The second of the 3 new hats released exclusively at the 6 Republic event. 33% off regular prices. Comes in 6 colors. After May 20, at the store.

6 Republic event